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Nationwide office refurbishment finance and office refurbishment leasing

Sooner or later, we look around our place of work and realise that it has seen better days. Maybe it just needs some relatively minor work or something more substantial, like a complete re-design and re-fit..  Office refurbishments can get pushed to the bottom of the list whenever they are brought upbecause unless there is a health and safety issue to consider, there are usually more pressing concerns on the company bank balance than getting the workplace looking good as new, despite the reported impact that it can have on staff morale and productivity. Why not lease your office refurbishment and inject a whole new love of the working environment for your staff?

Office refurbishment finance is the key to solving this particular conundrum. Here at System Rentals Ltd, we have been helping workplaces across the UK – including Bristol, Maidstone, Milton Keynes, Portsmouth, Reading, Slough, Southampton, Swindon, and beyond – put together office refurbishment leasing packages that help them get the best of both worlds.

office refurbishment completed on lease

How System Rentals Ltd can help with your office refurbishment finance

When it comes to office refurbishment leasing solutions, there is much that we can help you with. Here are a few of our most popular services.

Office refurbishment finance

An office refurbishment finance package gives you the freedom to invest in the look of your company, without having to constantly dip into the capital budget. Your employees’ work environment is crucial in terms of their productivity, and deserves attention. By utilising one of our Bespoke office refurbishment finance deals, you are able to do so, in a cost-effective manner that will yield long-term results for your firm.

Office refurbishment leasing

Whatever you need to do to get your office looking ship-shape again, paying for it all upfront is a waste of time and money that could be put to better use elsewhere. After all, your new-look office is going to be in use for quite a while, so why not take out an office refurbishment leasing agreement to cover the cost over the same time?

Bespoke finance packages

If you’re planning a full office refurbishment, you may also be considering other aspects of the workplace that could use a fresh look. Office furniture perhaps, or a new computer system. Maybe you’re thinking of investing in an air conditioning unit for your office? Here at System Rentals Ltd, we deal with all of these things and more, and can put everything into a single, bespoke leasing solution for you.

Why choose System Rentals Ltd for your office refurbishment finance needs?

There are many reasons to choose us, when looking for an office refurbishment leasing solution. Here are a few of them, based on feedback from our clients.

A nationwide provider of business finance

We work out of our Reigate office in the heart of Surrey, from where we cover the whole of the UK with our office refurbishment leasing packages. So, if you’re from Bristol, Maidstone, Milton Keynes, Portsmouth, Reading, Slough, Southampton, Swindon, or further afield, you can be sure of a great office refurbishment finance agreement.

Friendly and knowledgeable staff

Ours have been delivering finance packages to businesses across the country for decades. It’s this kind of experience and dedication that makes them the heart of our business and a key reason for our success.

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