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equipment lease

Supplying Equipment

Whatever you're selling, let us help you sell more.

You know your solution will really benefit your customer. It will increase productivity or efficiency, it will increase staff morale or simply enable them to do what they do, only better! But it’s £16,000 or £40,000 or £85,000… whatever the value, even though your customer runs a successful business they simply don’t have the cash or the budget. They delay the decision or cancel their investment project altogether, and that doesn’t help either of you!

How about if you were able to offer those same solutions for the equivalent of £90 per week, £210 per week or £440 per week? What’s more the rentals would be fixed and 100% tax deductible. Do you think that would help you both get to where you need to be? Your customer gets the goods they really need now without impacting their cash or bank facilities and you are able to add another satisfied customer to your portfolio.

We’ve found that equipment suppliers who build leasing into their initial tender have a considerably higher conversion rate than those who offer it as an afterthought.

Working with us from the outset, you’ll be able to offer deals that are fair to your customer while protecting your profitablity.

As a small, independent firm, we offer a flexible and personal service that’s built on over thirty years of experience.

​Like to find out more? Here’s how it works!

And to chat further, don’t hesitate to call us on 0333 7777 003 or get in touch via our contact form.

How it works

If you’re new to leasing, you might be under the illusion that it’s a complicated process. In reality, it simply isn’t!
Our four-step guide shows you how to win sales, build lasting customer relationships and improve your company’s cashflow.
1. Personalised Quotes
We’ll provide you with a calculator that’s custom-branded to your business. You can provide this to your customer or simply use it internally to get a fast and accurate rental quote.

2. Credit Checking
It’s important for us to be satisfied that your client can honour their rental payments. Our early credit checks are very speedy and will provide you with valuable feedback before any agreement is signed.

3. Documents
Once a quote has been agreed we will manage all the paperwork with your customer and keep you updated on progress.

4. Getting Paid
We’ll pay you as soon as soon as we have all of the signed documents and your customer takes delivery of the equipment.
Speed, reliability, efficiency. With over thirty years’ experience, you can count on System Rentals to provide personal service every step of the way.



Who can lease?

Our leases are available to all business users. Over the years we have helped all sorts of businesses, from one-man bands through to multi-national companies and even a couple of banks along the way!

Will I have to fill out documents and ask questions about my customers’ credentials?

No, you don’t have to. With your permission we will talk directly to your customer and arrange all documentation with them.

What period of lease can I offer?

It generally depends on the useful life of the equipment. We usually set a limit of 3 years for IT equipment and software, but funding can be provided for any period of time between 2 and 10 years for other equipment. Please call to discuss in more detail.

Do I need any accreditations to offer leasing to businesses?

No, provided you only offer finance to Limited companies and Plcs. You cannot offer finance to Sole Traders and Partnerships without permission to do so from the FCA (the Financial Conduct Authority). If you intend to do this please call us to discuss.

How quickly will we be paid?

Providing we have all the signed and completed documents we require, payment is generally made electronically within 72 hours.

Can new companies get leasing?

Yes! Directors’ guarantees are likely to be requested.

What can I include in a lease?

Within reason . . . anything! You can include software and installation, with the only exclusions being ongoing service and support.

How do I price a lease?

You will be provided with a calculator which does it all for you. If you are quoting a particularly large contract we will usually be able to discount your rate.

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